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Repairs to NYC subway system may take years

Many New York commuters are probably wondering when the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will finish all of its repair work to address the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy last fall.

We have some bad news: Recently, officials said they think the repairs the subway system needs could take years to complete.

One transportation official pointed out that the subways are actually complex works of engineering, and that many areas that need to be repaired are not readily accessible. The result is that projects are time-consuming and, in some cases, delicate and complicated endeavors that cannot be done hastily.

The reason we bring this up is that, as premises liability attorneys, we are familiar with the expectation that premises owners keep their property safe for those who could reasonably be expected to use it. This story made us wonder: If the repairs are so complex and lengthy, is it safe to allow commuters onto the parts of the subway system that are damaged?

We certainly hope it is, of course. In our line of work, though, we have seen many situations in which someone hurt him or herself on someone else's property, so we know that injuries of that type are far from uncommon.

If you are ever injured in an incident on someone else's property, it might make sense for you to investigate whether you have any legal recourse. If you file a lawsuit and are successful, you might recover funds you can use to defray medical expenses, the cost of missed work, etc.

Source: New York Times, "On R Train, Unwelcome Reminder of Storm's Impact," Matt Flegenheimer, Aug. 4, 2013

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