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Can You Sue For Personal Injury After a Fight or Assault?

New York is a very crowded place, and as such, people often meet and clash for a variety of reasons, such as the man who was recently involved in a small fight in which he was punched by another man after arguing over a dog. Many fights leave individuals just a bit scuffed, but in this unfortunate case, the victim suffered serious head injuries when the punch caused him to fall and bang his head.

Brain damage lawyers in New York City can tell you that any head trauma, no matter how slight, can be very serious and must be thoroughly examined. Additionally, as a victim, you have rights to monetary compensation for your damages.

Street fight

The most important thing you can do after any fight, even if its only one punch thrown, is to file a police report and ensure that you have information about individual that caused your injuries. Additionally, if you are in an establishment such as a bar or nightclub, you should acquire their information as well, as they have a legal responsibility to protect their patrons from harm.

If there has been any sort of blow to the head, seek medical attention as soon as possible. A New York brain injury lawyer can also help ensure that you get thoroughly examined, and will also fight to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries, especially if you will require ongoing medical treatment for extensive injuries or head trauma. Contact a brain damage lawyer in New York City for a free consultation today.

How Personal Injury Attorneys Help To Prove Negligence After an Accident

After an accident, if there is a question of fault or the insurance company is trying to offer a low settlement, you may need to file a lawsuit with a personal injury attorney in NY. Subsequently, it will be up to the attorney to prove negligence on the part of the others involved in the accident in order to ensure you receive the most compensation for your injuries and damages.


Professional and experienced NYC serious injury lawyers know how to prove negligence and what factors to look for in order to prove their case. A trial isn’t always required if your lawyer can prove negligence. The top New York personal injury lawyers can do this using several different means, including:

• Reconstructing the accident
• Retaining expert witnesses for their testimony
• Interviewing witnesses to the accident
• Acquiring all necessary documentation and paperwork

When a NY personal injury attorney has compiled all the facts and witness testimonies, he or she will then present the case to the other party’s lawyer or insurance company representatives.

At this point it is possible that a settlement can be reached, and your lawyer will fight to ensure you get the most compensation possible to cover not just the damages to your automobile and any medical bills, but also for punitive damages and medical you might require in the future if your injuries were very serious.

If for some reason a settlement cannot be reached, the case may go to trial, and the best NYC personal injury lawyers will tell you that they will represent you to the best of their ability and get you the compensation you deserve.

Are You a Pedestrian Injured By a Motorist? Protect Yourself With Legal Representation.

In the crowded streets of New York City, pedestrians and motorists often come into contact with each other in a most unfortunate way, and pedestrians suffer extensive injuries, and sometimes, unfortunate deaths. Even when walking safely on the sidewalk, pedestrians find themselves in danger when cars and trucks jump the curb and enter pedestrian territory, wreaking havoc for a few moments and hurting innocent bystanders. It is an all too common incident for NY personal injury attorneys, who find themselves helping injured pedestrians quite often.

Times Square New York City FLIKR 2 42nd Street

If you or a loved one is ever involved in an accident where you were struck by a motorist, you should know that you have certain rights. Contacting a personal injury lawyer in NY is the first step to securing those rights and protecting yourself from insurance companies or others who may try to offer you a monetary settlement quickly in order to avoid the possibility of you seeking legal representation in order to gain more.

Contacting an experienced trial attorney is important, because during your free consultation, you’ll learn about many important and beneficial options you have, and your specific rights in receiving compensation. Brain damage lawyers in NY say it is especially important if any head trauma has occurred during the accident, because that could lead to more problems later in life, and you’ll need sufficient compensation to account for those life changes. The last thing you want is to feel bullied by insurance companies after being struck by a car.

Get legal representation today from a top personal injury lawyer in New York and protect yourself and your future.

Dangerous Subway Platforms Lead to Injuries—Who Is Responsible?

Every now and then you hear a news story about someone who was injured on the subway, such as when the gaps between the platform and the subway cars were too wide and individuals slip in between. While it is true that it is a person’s responsibility to look where they are walking, it is also the city’s responsibility to ensure that individuals who ride the subway can do so safely, and that all areas are properly maintained and built to code to ensure proper safety.

R32 C Train Cab 168th Street

Dangerous subway platforms can lead to unfortunate injuries and even death, and negligence on the part of the DOT and the city must be accounted for. That is where personal injury attorneys in NY come into play. Experienced trial attorneys will conduct thorough investigations and interviews to help you build a case, and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries or those of a loved one.

There were also many incidents involving train platforms and crossing in the five boroughs and Long Island. It took many accidents for agencies to take action and fix several of the problems that led to the accidents, but there are still many problem areas throughout New York City and surrounding boroughs.

If you have been injured on the subway or a train in New York City, contact a personal injury attorney in New York. We’ll make sure that the proper authorities take responsibility for their negligence and grant you compensation for your injuries, as well as punitive damages.

Wall Collapses Due to Lack of Maintenance—Don’t Suffer from Another Person’s Negligence

Many accidents that occur in New York City and around buildings are often due to the property owner or contractor’s negligence in ensuring a safe area. Property owners and city crews are responsible for the proper maintenance of their buildings and are required to ensure that patrons of their establishments of individuals in the area are safe from potential harm. Unfortunately, personal injury attorneys in New York see situations every day where this is not the case, such as the recent accident in which a family of five suffered injuries when a stone façade collapsed upon them as they sought shelter near an exit ramp beneath the Brooklyn Bridge during a storm.

Affaire d'Accident - Collapsed building 5

Luckily no one was seriously injured, but trial attorneys often see many accidents that result in more serious injuries, and even unfortunate deaths. When this happens, it is the job of NYC personal injury attorneys to prove negligence on the property owner or contractor’s part, so that the victims of the accident receive compensation for their injuries.

In the event of serious injuries or death, construction accident attorneys and trial attorneys in NY can help affected victims recover possibly millions to help pay for medical costs, pain and suffering, and changes in lifestyle that be a result of serious injuries. There is no reason that you should ever have to suffer due to negligence on someone else’s part.

Contact a personal injury attorney in NY today to discuss the details of any injuries you sustained—we would be happy to consult with you to determine if you deserve compensation.

Waiting for help to arrive can mean the difference between life and death in NY

When an accident occurs or an individual suffers some kind of injury, we rely upon emergency medical services to arrive on the scene in a timely manner. A fast response can sometimes mean the difference between suitable treatment and worse injuries, and sometimes even death. That has been the main subject discussed by brain injury lawyers in NY recently during a case involving a girl who allegedly suffered brain damage due to a slow response time by Fire Department paramedics.

Woman collapses in the East Village of New York

Experienced brain damage lawyers in New York City were able to find the Law Department liable, stating that the 12 year girl would not have suffered such severe brain damage if the paramedics had not delayed in transporting the girl to a hospital for proper treatment after going into shock.

Many similar cases exist in which those suffering from injuries are stuck waiting for medical and emergency services to arrive on the scene. In some unfortunate circumstances, emergency services arrive late or even not at all. This is of course extremely dangerous for anyone bleeding or suffering from head trauma, as these types of injuries can result in death or brain damage in a manner of minutes. Emergency services have a duty to arrive on the scene in a proper manner and administer effective treatment.

If you or a loved one has suffered severe injury or death and feel that emergency medical services may be to blame, you may be able to find them liable with the help of a NYC serious injury lawyer. Contact a trial attorney today to discuss the details of your experience.