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What steps do you need to take if you’ve injured your head in an accident?

After being involved in a car accident, most parties involved typically visit the hospital to determine the extent of their injuries. However, sometimes not all injuries are as easy to spot quickly and accurately, especially in the case of head injuries. NYC brain injury lawyers know all too well the havoc a head injury can cause an individual throughout their entire life after an accident, and many don’t even realize how seriously they might have been injured if they don’t receive a very thorough examination.

US Navy 100118-N-8878B-100 Surgeons perform surgery on a 12-year-old Haitian girl with a severe head injury aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident in which there was a head injury, no matter how slight, it is recommended that you visit your doctor immediately. There are a range of tests that can be done to best determine the extent of the injury. Many people forgo getting such tests done because they don’t feel that they are seriously injured, or they are worried that the health insurance company might not pay for the tests.

Head trauma might not hurt for more than a day or two, but lasting injuries could be prevalent, and getting examined promptly can help save you a lot of stress and illness down the line, and a NYC brain injury lawyer can help you receive proper compensation for your injuries. If you contact a New York brain injury lawyer shortly after your accident, they can help you get the examination and tests you need, as well as ensure that all medical expenses are paid for, as well as expenses for any future and continued treatment you might need as a result of your injuries.

Is shoddy workmanship to blame for your injuries? How a NY construction accident lawyer can help.

It seems that there is always some form of construction occurring all throughout New York City on any given day, and pedestrians often can’t avoid walking by at least one or two construction zones as they travel through the city. In unfortunate circumstances, being in such a place at just the wrong time can result in injuries and possibly even death. Just such an incident recently occurred when workers dropped a large metal sign upon two passersby that were walking below them.

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While the pedestrians were not seriously injured, the accident could have been much worse, and several construction accidents do happen often on a weekly basis, as NYC construction accident lawyers can testify. The construction workers who dropped the sign were found to be negligent, because the area was not properly cordoned off in a manner that provided a safe area for pedestrians and others.

New York construction accident attorneys see many cases like this, and can help injured parties get the compensation they deserve for their injuries and any trauma suffered, as well as monetary compensation for lost wages and other issues that arise as a result of the accident. After being injured by construction workers or near a construction area, the construction lawyers in NYC will help to build a case against the construction company and prove negligence on their part, typically by showing that the area was unsafe or that workers acted in an unsafe manner. Afterwards, they will help you to receive the compensation you deserve.

NY Construction Accidents Lawyers

Construction is quite common in New York City, and, unfortunately, so are construction accidents. There are plenty of headlines about construction workers being injured while on the job, but quite often, innocent pedestrians are also injured or killed simply because they were near a construction area at exactly the wrong time. New York City construction accident lawyers can tell you that construction companies and contractors have a legal responsibility to keep construction areas safe for both workers and pedestrians, and if they fail to do so, can face serious fines and consequences.

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In fact, some major construction areas in NYC were recently shut down temporarily due to unsafe conditions. But unfortunately not every construction area is thoroughly checked out by investigators, and accidents often occur as a result. New York construction injury lawyers see plenty of cases where simple steps could have been taken in order to ensure the area was safe for pedestrians, but proper procedure just wasn’t followed. One such example is the recent incident when a pedestrian fell into a hole in the sidewalk because it wasn’t properly cordoned off by the construction crew.

When an accident occurs in or near a construction site, construction lawyers in NYC will investigate the accident and see if any negligence on the part of the contractors, construction workers or companies was to blame. If so, they can help you or your loved ones receive compensation for the injuries sustained, or a fair settlement in the unfortunate instance that a wrongful death occurred.

Brain Injury Lawyers in New York City

It is fairly common for many children and teenagers to injure themselves while playing sports, but it is a much larger tragedy when a teenager actually dies due to a sports-related injury. Such was the case involving a recent death in which a teenager in New York, died due to a head injury that was sustained during a football game. Head injuries are often commonplace in football, but many don’t realize exactly how serious a head injury might be, even if it only appears to have been a slight bump.

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Brain injury lawyers in NY see many cases where head injuries that appeared to be nothing major at first resulted in more significant health problems in later years. That’s why it is especially important to always receive a thorough examination after any head injury, even if there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong other than a sore bruise. Major symptoms might not show for days, and sometimes even years, but a physician can often tell if there was a more serious injury sustained, provided the individual who hurt his or her head receives the proper medical care and tests performed.

If you or a loved one have suffered a head injury playing any type of sports, in addition to seeing a physician as soon as possible, you might also consider consulting with a brain injury attorney. They may be able to prove negligence on the part of the sports organization to provide proper safety gear, or even possible defects in the safety equipment and uniforms you were wearing. This is especially important, because it could mean the difference between paying for your own long-term medical care and receiving fair compensation for your injuries from the negligent parties or organizations.

The Basics of Personal Injury Law for Those Living in New York

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People injured in New York City accidents might be able to pursue financial damages through a NYC personal injury attorney if it can be proven that another party was at fault. Another’s fault entails that negligent, intentional or unlawful actions resulted in you suffering damages of a physical, emotional and/or financial nature. The majority of claims covered by personal injury lawyers NYC include medical malpractice, car accidents, wrongful death, product liability, premises liability and slip and falls.

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New York personal injury cases are bound by some form of statute of limitations which limit the time that claims can be filed against defendants for three years from the date of accidents. The statute of limitations on medical malpractice is 30 months and wrongful death is two years. A New York construction accident attorney or other personal injury lawyer (depending on the nature of your case) can help you file for an extension.

The first step upon experiencing an injury is to employ the services of an attorney that will submit a Summons and Complaint to the court associated with hearing your type of case. If your case involves an on the job accident attorney NYC then they will file your complaint to a specific court. However, if your case requires a slip and fall accident lawyer NYC, your complaint may need to go to a completely different court. Each type of case will be determined through its appropriate court.

Regardless of the nature of your accident, if you feel your injury was due to the negligence, intentional or criminal behavior of someone else, contact our personal injury law office in NYC for professional assistance.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers In NYC

HIE, or hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, occurs when a person is deprived of oxygen for an extended period of time, starving the brain and causing damage to it and the central nervous system. HIE has a very high frequency of occurrence in newborns that can contract the condition under a doctor’s supervision, while in the hospital, or during childcare. Babies that acquire severe cases of HIE experience a mortality rate that reaches as high as 50 percent. Even if babies are fortunate enough to survive, 80 percent of them will end up struggling with severe developmental issues, mental retardation, or cerebral palsy.

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HIE cases can occur through negligent physician care of the expecting mother, negligence concerning the care of the newborn infant in the hospital, or when the newborn infant is under the negligent care of nannies, babysitters, or day care workers. If your case involves medical negligence, then medical malpractice lawyers in NYC can help you obtain compensation. If your child contracted HIE while under the care of another individual or day care center, you can still gain damages through a NYC personal injury lawyer.

HIE normally causes brain damage which can leave your child suffering abnormalities for the rest of their lives as well as place a tremendous strain on you to provide both physical and financial care. You shouldn’t have to bear such a burden alone. Contact us for a consultation with a brain damaged baby lawyer NYC today and we will help you obtain as much compensation as the law allows. Receiving damages may not make your baby healthy, but it can go a long way towards ensuring they are properly cared for.